Ystwyth Pet Club

Is your pet in our Club yet?

We want you to have peace of mind that you are providing the best preventative care for your pet, and so we have designed our very own preventative health care plan, with your pet at its heart.

What’s included?


Full health check with a vet once every 12 months


Routine annual vaccinations

Dog; distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and leptospirosis.

Cat:  leukaemia, panleucopenia and influenza.


Home delivery Flea tick and worm products to your door


Anal gland expression as and when your pet needs it


Worm control  this is tailored to your pet’s lifestyle, and aims to eliminate worms throughout the year to prevent associated disease. Now delivered to your home for free


6 month health check with a Registered Veterinary Nurse


Year round flea and tick care the most effective products to keep your pets flea and tick-free throughout the year ; now delivered to your home for free!


Micropchipping If your pet is not already microchipped, this is included in the plan


Nail clipping throughout the year, as required.


Insurance administration fee completion of  insurance claim paperwork is included on the plan


Appointment reminders

Plus you also benefit from:

  • 20% discount on a primary vaccination course
  • 10% discount for any non-routine vaccinations such as kennel cough or rabies.
  • 20% discount for routine neutering, including keyhole surgery, a minimally invasive surgical option for neutering female dogs
  • 10% discount for dental scale and polish
  • 10% discount for medications.


  • There is no joining fee
  • There is no annual renewal fee
  • Your membership price is fixed for 12 months
  • Monthly payments are conveniently made by direct debit.
  • Your products are delivered to your door every 3 months


Cat £14 pm

Dog (<20kg) £15 pm

Dog (20kg-40kg) £18 pm

Large dog (over 40kg) £22 pm

Ystwyth Pet Club vs Insurance

Do remember, Ystwyth Pet Club is NOT the same as insurance, and your pet needs both.

Think of the Ystwyth Pet Club as an MOT, protecting your pet with vaccination, parasite manage-ment and regular health check-ups. Insurance is a means of providing you with the finance you need for treatment if your pet becomes ill, or has an accident. See here for more on insurance.

Prices & Comparison

On the plan the very least that you will save is this; remember all the other benefits and discounts, depending on the treatment your pet needs throughout its life.


Not-on-Plan Cost: £275.70

Plan Cost: £168

Saving: £107.70

Dog (<20kg)

Not-on-Plan Cost: £267.42

Plan Cost: £180

Saving: £87.42

Dog (>20kg)

Not-on-Plan Cost: £303.18

Plan Cost: £216

Saving: £87.18

Dog (>40kg)

Not-on-Plan Cost: £380.90

Plan Cost: £264

Saving: £117.90