Farm Animals

Ystwyth Vets have been an integral part of the local farming community for the past 100 years. We are professionally driven to aid the farming industry to produce its best, high welfare produce, right here on our doorstep.

The key aspect of Ystwyth Vets is that we are local, and close to you. We are available 24 hours, seven days a week, and can guarantee to provide two of our experienced team of vets on call, in order to respond to emergencies as quickly as we can. We offer a full range of farm services, a selection of which can found below:


  • Ambulatory service 24/7
  • Herd health Accreditation schemes
  • Ultrasound scanning and fertility management
  • Bull fertility examination
  • Castrations, disbudding, dehorning
  • Herd health planning and vaccination protocols
  • Heifer pelvic measuring
  • On site hospitalisation facilities
  • Training courses and workshops
  • DEFRA Tb testing and advisory service


  • Ambulatory service 24/7
  • Routine visits – weekly/fortnightly/monthly routine visits tailored to your needs
  • Disease surveillance and monitoring including accredited BCVA Johne’s advisors
  • Fully equipped in-house laboratory
  • Lameness and mastitis investigation and monitoring with accredited mobility scorers, AHDB healthy feet plan and mastitis plan deliverers
  • Youngstock management and health
  • Herd health planning, vaccination protocols and farm data interpretation
  • On site hospitalisation facilities
  • Training course and workshops
  • DEFRA Tb testing and advisory service


  • Ambulatory services 24/7
  • On site lambing room
  • Flock health planning
  • Disease investigation and management planning
  • OPA ultrasound scanning
  • In-house laboratory including faecal egg counts and skin scrapes
  • Ram fertility testing
  • Specialist sheep reproductive services – see Celtic Sheep breeding services
  • Training courses and workshops

We also deal with health, preventative health and emergency issues for pigs, poultry and camelids as required.