We are delighted to be able to offer this procedure, and it gives us great professional satisfaction to know that we can do the very best for your dog; read on!

Better known perhaps as keyhole surgery, this is a vastly superior way to neuter a female dog. Two small incisions, a few millimetres wide, are made in the abdominal wall. A very thin, specialised telescope (the laparoscope) and camera is used to visualise the ovaries, which are removed using specialised instrumentation and electrosurgery. The uterus is left in place. Removal of the ovaries means that the dog can no longer breed, and will cease to have circulating ovarian hormones.

The beauty of this surgery is its minimally invasive aspect. The wounds are very small and heal rapidly, so there is no need for exercise restriction. The level of surgical pain so often associated with a traditional, open spay, is not present, as there has been no tissue handling, or traction on ovarian ligaments, a key source of intra-operative pain. These dogs recover from their surgery very rapidly, and can regain their normal, bouncy activity within a day or so.

There will be slightly more hair shaved on the abdomen, to ensure sterility of the procedure.

Simply ask for more details when booking your pet’s surgery.